Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need to prepare for National Scrapbook Day!

Gosh, it's been 8 months since I've scrapbooked or even thought of putting a page together. Last month or so, Carm and I decided to go to the San Diego/ Del Mar Scrapbook Expo. We were going to make it a whole weekend of scrapbooking! After thinking it over, we decided to stay and scrapbook locally and even particiapte with our local Scrapbook stores. Now that we decided on a local location (Scrapbook Cafe), I need to get my stuff ready so that I get as many pages done as possible!

Count down to NSD: 3 days!!!

Simple Steps Plan: Today- Day 1: Get photos developed! Estimated time (2hrs- if i don't goof off.) Next organize what I'm going to take to the crop. My Goal: No more than 2 bags- My offical bag and a office box and THAT'S IT! I always back my whole scrap room and dont end up using any of it and then I feel overcrowded and overwelmed! I might take some stuff and leave it in th car- but I really want to leave that as a last resort...

Thursday- Day 2: Organize my photos in giant ziplock bags with paper, layout sketches and accessories I plan to use. I'll have my laptop and pazzles connected while i'm going this incase I need to cut out any embellishments. I'll also have post-its on hand to take down any journal notes.

Friday- Day 3: CLEAN OUT MY CAR- My trunk has a bowling ball bag and a 50lb bag of Chicken Feed, and a paperbag of every fast food place we've been to in the past month! I need to make room for scrapbook stuff, so this is a "must-do" step for me.

Side Notes: I usually get a 2 page layout down in an hour, so i'm hoping to enough supplies w/ photos to make 16 2-page layouts. This way, I don't get stuck on working on a layout I might not want to do. I'm also going to take supplies to make just one project- this usually helps pump me up into a scrapbook/crafy mood!

okay- gotta go get started!!!

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Carm Hernandez said...

I am also getting your ideas!!!